Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Hi, and welcome to my little corner of the internet. This is where I hope to share projects I've completed and am currently working on, but I guess I'll start with an introduction:

I am Countess Kenna nic Aherne von Ziemer. I have participated in the Society for Creative Anachronism since the spring of 1995. I have sat on the throne of Gleann Abhann twice, once as Princess of the Principality, and once as Queen. I live in the Barony of Grey Niche, which is mundanely Memphis, TN.

My entire family is very involved in the SCA. My husband, Count Uther von Ziemer, was the first Knight made in the new kingdom. My daughter, Allison (8), is fairly active in Youth Archery, and is starting to be interested in Youth Rapier. She's also picking up an interest in all things string. My son, Jonathan (6), is counting the days until he's able to start fighting in Youth Combat. He's only got about 4 more months to wait.

Uther and I are the proud heads of Haus Adlerturm, which is made up of his Squires and men-at-arms, my ladies-in-waiting, and several orphans we've picked up along the way. Haus Adlerturm is primarily a fighting and fighter-support household who take a strong interest in historical accuracy. We also have a serious leaning towards service.

When I'm not herding those lovable cats, I'm usually working on something that involves fabric and thread. I very much enjoy studying and making the different styles of clothing worn in the Middle Ages, especially pre-1300 fashion. I especially love the lines and sillouette of the European gowns of the mid to late 1100's. While the pattern itself may be simple, the design possibilities are endless! I have also, as of late, been learning about early Norse and Scandinavian clothing, since my daughter has decided that she'd really much rather be a Viking. This is somewhat disturbing to her late-12th Century, German father, but the new knowledge is pretty exciting for me.

I have been embroidering since I was in the 4th Grade, and love the relaxed, Zen-like state that working on a piece can put me into. I especially like Couching, German Brick-stitch, and the various types of Middle Eastern Counted-work.

I also do enjoy knitting and cooking. I'm a little more Medieval-esque in these pursuits, but I still have fun with it, and will gladly show off any pieces I do as well.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my works and possibly find them as helpful as some of the other amazing project-journals on the Web. Please feel free to leave comments and ask questions.



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  1. Gwynneth wraig RhysJanuary 28, 2009 at 6:08 PM

    Very pretty blog. I'll look forward to seeing your progress on your different projects.
    ~ HL Gwynneth wraig Rhys (aka Mom)